Quick Workout Boosts Willpower

Quick Workout Boosts Willpower Need a little help avoiding snacking temptations? Bang out a quick set of pushups. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that a short bout of exercise at around 60% to 70% of maximum effort can increase short term self-control.

Researchers compared the results of 19 studies involving 586 subjects and determined that a quick session of exercise can provide a small to moderate increase in willpower. The reason for this may be related to increased blood flow in the pre-frontal areas of your brain responsible for executive function.

True Strength Moment: Oddly enough, regular exercise doesn't seem to have the same effect as these mini-workouts. It might be that a minute or two of physical effort takes your mind off temptation long enough for the opportunity to pass. Work on a weak spot if you plan to give this strategy a try.
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