A Supplement A Day...

You know they're good for you, but it's hard to quantify the long-term benefits of taking nutritional supplements. Researchers from the University of California - Berkeley have just established some benchmarks. They studied a group of people who used multiple dietary supplements for at least 20 years and, compared to non-users, found them to be 73% less likely to suffer from diabetes, and 39% less likely to have high blood pressure. These supplement takers were also more likely to exhibit favorable levels of key biomarkers including C-reactive protein, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

The Bigger Picture: This study group consumed an array of vitamins and minerals as well as herbal and condition-specific supplements. After reviewing the findings, the Berkeley School of Public Health's lead researcher commented that, "The study results were very impressive and support the potential benefits of long-term use of dietary supplements," Now you have some hard science to back up those feelings of healthy living you've been enjoying.
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Nov 16, 2007
I am 22 year old and my weight is 58, i need 12 more kg to reach my exact weight. can you please suggest guide me what should i take
Nov 21, 2007
My weigt is 50 K.G. and i have just join gym & i have taken 5 l.b.s optimum ON product tell me diet and work out tips to imrove my weigt faster and get in shape......
Dec 05, 2007
hello guys i m 20 years old, my weight is 58kg, i want to gain weight and shape of the body,will u suggest which supplements are good for me