Gut Microbes Influence Fat Loss

Gut Microbes Influence Fat Loss The average person is carrying around hundreds of trillions of microorganisms in their intestines. Known as gut flora, these microbes perform a number of functions including the production of vitamins and keeping harmful bacteria under control. A study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine suggests that the type of microbes present in your system may have an impact on weight regulation.

After conducting gastric bypass surgery on lab mice, researchers noticed significant changes in their gut flora. They then transferred some of the altered microbes into healthy rodents who hadn't undergone weight loss surgery. These host mice ended up recording weight loss amounting to about 20% of the results made possible by gastric surgery.

True Strength Moment: Harvard scientists theorized that if bacteria-implanted mice had been fed a diet high in sugars and fats they might have experienced even greater fat loss. Regardless, no one is ready to try this experiment on humans. The best course of action for weight loss remains adhering to a sensible diet and committing to regular exercise.
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