Sprint Faster In Just 6 Weeks

Sprint Faster In Just 6 Weeks Soccer players and other team sports athletes who need to be able to sprint all-out over and over again might benefit from a 6-week addition to their regular training. The program was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

After recruiting 16 high school aged soccer players, researchers had half continue on with their normal 90-minute training sessions 4 times a week. The rest added anaerobic speed endurance production training twice weekly for a total of 6 weeks. Tests conducted afterward showed that the additional work increased 10 meter sprint speed, although it had no affect on 35 meter sprint times or jump performance.

True Strength Moment: Here's a speed and endurance drill you can perform on any practice field. Set up a circle of cones spread about 20 yards across. One player tries to drive a soccer ball outside the circle for 20 seconds while the other tries to keep it within the perimeter of cones. Dribble the ball at maximum speed. You get about 2 minutes of rest between efforts.
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