Speed Up Your Serve In 6 Weeks

Speed Up Your Serve In 6 Weeks If tennis is your game, a study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine offers some suggestions for increasing serve velocity and playing injury free. Even the most basic aspect of this 6-week training program can help improve your range of motion.

In addition to their usual training, researchers had 15 junior tennis players perform core strength, medicine ball and resistance training exercises for about an hour 3 times a week. Their program also included stretching. A control group didn't change their typical tennis training, but did add the stretching element. After 6 weeks, added training volume helped increase serve speed but not accuracy. Both groups did benefit from increased shoulder joint range of motion due to the stretching program.

True Strength Moment: In addition to speeding up your serve and increasing the odds of recording aces against opponents, scientists theorized that the focus on strength and stretching might help reduce the risk of an overuse injury. Try this program to see if a similar strategy can add something to your baseball throw.
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