Stretching For Your Team Sport

Stretching For Your Team Sport Physiologically, we're all unique. That's why some people have no trouble building massive biceps, while forearm development comes easier to others. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research examines gender differences in stretching protocols.

After recruiting 45 active high school aged boys and girls, subjects were assigned to either 40 seconds of static or dynamic stretching. Old school against the joint static stretching held back 20 meter sprint and countermovement jump performance for girls more than boys. Dynamic stretching didn't impact sprint speeds, but impaired countermovement jump power by about 2%.

True Strength Moment: So why would any team sport athlete ever warm up with static stretching? Tests showed it improved flexibility to a greater extent than dynamic stretching. Subjects were 12% more flexible with static stretching compared to the 7% improvement attained with a dynamic approach. Choose the best technique for your needs.
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