Antioxidant Juice Increases Speed

Antioxidant Juice Increases Speed Elite runners looking for a simple solution for increasing peak speed might consider trading their morning orange juice for blackcurrant juice according to a study published in the European Journal of Sport Science. After 24 days of high intensity training, 23 female runners in their early 30s recorded slighter faster 5km times when they were adding juice made from blackcurrant to their diet compared to placebo.

True Strength Moment: Blackcurrant fruit has very high vitamin C content. Just 3.5 ounces provides 302% of the Daily Value. So you'd expect juice made from this fruit to have strong antioxidant qualities. Of course, it's also a great source of carbohydrate energy. Whatever mechanism is at work here, see if switching to blackcurrant juice for a couple weeks adds something to your endurance training or competition.
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