Tips For Smoothie Perfection

Tips For Smoothie Perfection Turning a post-workout recovery shake into a nutrient-dense meal is as easy as plugging in an electric blender and searching your kitchen for complementary ingredients. To help you balance smoothie flavor and function, we offer these tips from bon appétit magazine.

Fruit Selection: While searching for pristine unbruised fruit is probably a waste of time, since you'll just be blending that perfect specimen into a slurry anyway, you don't want to use under-ripe fruits because they can rob the smoothie of flavor and contribute to wateriness. Frozen ripe fruit is best.

Hold the Water and Ice: There's enough natural water and juice in the fruits you'll be using, so you won't be needing to pour in any water or milk unless you're including several scoops of powdered protein to create a weight gain shake. The coolness component is best achieved with the previously mentioned frozen fruit.

Log the Results of Experiments. You'll find that some items work surprisingly well in a smoothie. Spinach adds high-value nutrients without negatively impacting taste and texture – unless you toss in too much. On the other hand, melon can make the texture of your smoothie grainy and too watery. Keep a journal of your concoctions to build on accomplishments and avoid wasting food on well-documented mistakes.

True Strength Moment: Your smoothie ingredient options aren't limited to the obvious fruits and vegetables. There's peanut butter, flax seeds, all kinds of nuts and spices that can be used to create a delicious drink that helps restore muscle glycogen while kick-starting muscle recovery. For more ideas, go to:
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