Return A 120 MPH Tennis Serve

Return A 120 MPH Tennis Serve If you think hitting a 100 MPH fastball pitch is challenging, consider that the serves of elite professional tennis players can reach 160 MPH. Even if the speed of the serve is 120 MPH, the ball will be 15 feet closer in the 10th of a second it takes your brain to process what your eyes are seeing. With a distance of only 62.3 feet from the service line to out of bounds on the opposite side of the court, how do opponents accurately return these serves?

A study published in the journal Neuron used magnetic resonance imaging to locate a region of the brain known as V5 that processes predictions to compensate for delays in visual processing. Basically, even though this part of your brain isn't in synch with the real world, it can provide you with information that helps you react to what's really happening.

True Strength Moment: Well-practiced anticipation skills and reflexes help elite athletes respond to physical challenges with incredible speed and accuracy. If you put your mind to it, and put in the long hours of work, you can develop these abilities to enhance your game whatever sport you play.
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