Protein For Weight Gain & Dieting

Protein For Weight Gain & Dieting According to the journal Amino Acids, protein is ideal for building muscle mass with weight training and preserving lean muscle when dieting. The amino acids in protein are the primary nutrient regulators of muscle protein turnover. Consuming protein not only stimulates protein synthesis, a key mechanism of muscle building, it also helps suppress muscle breakdown. This support persists for several hours.

The research goes on to point out that people who overeat on a moderate to high protein diet tend to gain muscle, but not fat mass compared to those who consume the same amount of calories but less protein. The article defined a high-protein diet as 15% to 20% of total calories consumed, or 1.8 to 3 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. A less appreciated benefit of post-workout protein is its ability to augment gains from weight training even if you're consuming lower amounts of protein throughout the day.

True Strength Moment: This study described an adequate amount of daily protein as 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight. That works out to 67 grams for a 185 pound subject. Whatever amount of protein you're planning into your diet, the bottom line here is the importance of post-workout protein, whether you're trying to gain muscle mass, lose body fat or both.
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