Whey Vs. Casein For Team Sports

Whey Vs. Casein For Team Sports Although whey and casein are both milk proteins, they have different rates of digestion and bioavailability. To test how these two types of protein support weight training adaptations, researchers recruited 16 female college basketball players and had them drink 24 grams of whey or casein before and after workouts that occurred during 8 weeks of periodized weight training. Results were published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine.

After training 4 days a week, there were no significant differences between groups. For comparison, the average whey protein drinker lost 2% body fat, gained 1.5% lean mass, increased vertical jump height by 4.1 cm and broad jump by 10.4 cm. The average casein drinker lost 1% body fat, gained 1.4% lean mass, increased vertical jump by 3.5 cm and broad jump by 12.9 cm. Both groups increased one rep max on leg press and bench press.

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