Testosterone Boost For The Win

Testosterone Boost For The Win Humans are the only animal that engages in group competition. Whether stalking game as a pack of hunters or trying to score more points than the other team, we have the unique ability to anticipate the actions of team members and react to the strategies of opposing groups. It's all part of our evolution. A study published in the journal Human Nature suggests the reward for victory comes in the form of elevated testosterone levels.

According to researchers who studied cricket players on the island of Dominica, besting a group of strangers elevates testosterone levels not only for the players, but also male fans watching the competition. On the other hand, friendly competition between people who know each other does nothing to change production of this natural hormone, whether you're a winner, loser or spectator.

True Strength Moment: Here's a new take on celebrating that big win by your favorite team: head directly to the nearest weight room. What better way to take advantage of a short-term boost in testosterone production?
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