Putting New Gadgets The Test

Putting New Gadgets The Test Every once in a while a new fitness tool appears at the gym ready to be worked into your routine. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research analyzed the effects of training with a passive leg press that uses a high frequency electric motor to increase both eccentric and concentric leg muscle contracts when maximum force is applied to a platform.

A total of 30 college students who hadn't used the weight room for at least 6 months signed up for 10 weeks of traditional barbell squats, using this new machine at a low frequency or using it at a higher frequency. Compared to tests taken before the training began, squats increased 30 meter sprint performance and peak power while the passive leg press helped subjects improve their sprint and power to an even greater degree while also boosting vertical jump, drop jump and explosive force. The higher frequency setting produced the best results.

True Strength Moment: This new device appears to help newbies increase speed, power and jumping more efficiently than traditional free weights. The question now becomes what does the passive leg press have to offer weight room regulars? We'll let you know as soon as the research is published.
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