Making Positive Gains

If you've made the decision to live a healthier more active lifestyle, you are not alone. Government research released last week shows that, between 2001 and 2005, the number of American men participating in regular physical exercise increased from 45% to 49.7% of the population. The rate also increased for women, from 43% in 2001 to 46.7% in 2005. Looking at different groups, the study found that the largest increase in physical activity occurred with non-Hispanic black women; 31.4% were regularly active in 2001 compared to 36.1% in 2005.

The Bigger Picture: The good news here is that no group examined by researchers posted a decrease in physical activity over the 4-year period. Regular physical activity, coupled with a commitment to eating sensible portions of nutritious whole foods, can very positively impact a number of health risk factors. It also helps you feel and look your best.
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