Get More Distance Out Of Drives

Get More Distance Out Of Drives Whether you're a recreational athlete who just enjoys being active outdoors or someone who's working hard to lower their handicap, a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research offers a simple technique for increasing club head speed which could translate into greater driving distance.

Postactivation potentiation is a phenomenon that occurs only in the fast-twitch muscle fibers used for short bursts of speed and strength. Since both of those attributes are important to driving a golf ball, researchers tested the effect on 16 experienced golfers. First, they took 3 regular swings. An hour later, subjects performed a quick series of countermovement jumps before teeing up another 3 drives. One minute after the jumps, these golfers increased club head speed by 2.25 MPH.

True Strength Moment: Head out to your local driving range and put the science of postactivation potentiation to the test. The side-to-side countermovement jumps might bring you some puzzled looks, but if you get a couple more feet out of each drive don't be surprised if other golfers follow your lead.
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