How Long Your Recovery Can Take

How Long Your Recovery Can Take There are plenty of people who hit the gym every day. Unless you're splitting up the work performed each session, you might not be allowing enough time for recovery. Consider the findings of this study published in Journal of Sports Science and Medicine.

After performing an intense session of drop jumps and leg curls targeting the hamstring muscles, 11 healthy young subjects were tested daily for the next 5 consecutive days. The highest post-workout decrease in performance and increase in pain occurred between 24 and 48 hours. Clearly, recovery was not completed in that timeframe.

True Strength Moment: If your goal is to train 5 or even 7 days a week, a fast-acting whey protein shake within 15 to 20 minutes post-workout can help kick-start muscle recovery, and BCAAs before training can provide anti-catabolic support to help limit muscle breakdown. But the best approach might include an upper body / lower body split with a cardio day in between. You can also go with pushing exercises one day, followed by pulling exercises the next.
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