Every Running Style Has Risks

The most common complaints from everyday runners are knee and Achilles tendon pain. Does your natural running style put you at a greater risk of developing either of these conditions? A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise analyzed the natural foot strike patterns of 19 female athletes.

Half of these runners had a natural forefoot strike pattern, while the other half came down on the heels of their feet. Three-dimensional analysis of a 4-meter per second pace showed lower patellofemoral stress and knee frontal plane movement among the forefoot runners. On the other hand, this style of running generated greater force on the Achilles tendon.

True Strength Moment: Since forefoot landings help protect against knee injury while elevating the risk of Achilles tendonitis, and the opposite is true for heel landing, it's probably best to go with what comes naturally. Still, it's nice to know what the source of any issue might be.
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