Where to Sample ON This Weekend

Where to Sample ON This Weekend On Friday, Will Ko will be sampling at Health Kick, 5640 Dempster Ave. in Morton Grove, IL from 2PM to 5PM. Then on Saturday, Rachel Ponder will be at the Van Buren Athletic Club in Mike Meyers Park for the Glow Run in Van Buren, AR. Starts at 7PM.

Also on Saturday, Team ON Athletes will be sampling at Vitamin Shoppe stores nationwide. Look for Ashley Leahey at 1370 Polaris Parkway in Columbus, OH. She'll be there 10AM to 2PM. Corey Hancock will be at 1337 N. Hayden Island Dr. in Portland, OR from 11AM to 2PM, and Frank Fata will appear at two stores: 931 9th Ave. in New York City from 11AM to 1PM before moving on to 818 Pelham Parkway in Mt. Vernon, NY from 2PM to 4PM.

The Vitamin Shoppe sampling continues with Jacqueline Zediker at 1234 US 31 in North Greenwood, IN from 10AM to 2PM, and Jason Powell at a big event in Houston, TX. Meet him at 7501 Westheimer from Noon to 4PM. Jen Turnbull will be at 17401 Southcenter Parkway , Suite 'A', in Tukiwla, WA starting at Noon, and Jim Collins will be at 7508 Mall Rd. in Florence, KY from Noon to 4PM.

Also sampling at Vitamin Shoppe stores on Saturday are Maria DiNello at 15131 S. LaGrange Rd. in Orland Park, IL from 11AM to 2PM, and Mike Kurzeja at 2415 75th St. in Darien, IL from 11AM to 2PM.
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Keawe Kaleikini
Jun 21, 2013
Are you guys making any stops in the Kansas City metro area anytime soon?
Jun 21, 2013
whats with NYC?