Warm-Up Tweak To Run 3% Faster

Warm-Up Tweak To Run 3% Faster When fractions of a second are the difference between winning and not climbing the podium, any edge a sprinter can use might make a real difference. Today's race warm up tip comes from a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

After determining the optimal depth jump height for 29 experienced sprinters, the group performed a dynamic warm up before competing in a 20 meter event. Some added 3 depth jumps to their warm up while others did not. The difference amounted to a 2.93% increase in speed, which translates into two tenths of a second.

True Strength Moment: Depths jumps are a plyometric exercise for developing eccentric strength. You drop from a platform or box and jump immediately after landing. For optimal effectiveness, concentrate on spending the least amount of time on the ground between the landing and the jumping phase.
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