A Constant At All Skill Levels

A Constant At All Skill Levels Impaired neuromuscular control during the early landing stages of a jump has been associated with increased risk of ACL and other lower body injuries. You'd think that the elevated levels of fitness in more accomplished athletes would help protect them from these types of issues, but a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests that's not the case.

After assessing the fitness levels of 277 Division I, club and intramural team sports athletes using the U.S. Army physical fitness test, researchers evaluated jump landings using the Landing Error Scoring System. As you might expect, first string football players were significantly more fit than their intramural counterparts. But there were no significant between group differences for landing patterns.

True Strength Moment: High risk movement patterns are as common for recreational athletes as they are for top performers bound for the pros. Practicing low-risk jump landings and maneuvers could be an effective way to keep all types of active adults on the field performing at their best.
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