Cross-Country Cardio Challenge

Cross-Country Cardio Challenge Tired of running the treadmill and pedaling a stationary bike? Take advantage of the season by taking your cardio day outside. A study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness suggests an interesting way to turn moderate intensity effort into a calorie-burning event you're sure to remember.

Researchers calculated the metabolic demands of hiking 100 km (62.1 miles) in the hills, a challenge that took 40 hours to complete. Subjects burned between 102 to 186 calories per kilometer, depending on terrain. Although hip and knee joint range of motion decreased by the 47 km mark, range of motion increased compared to pre-hike measurements after recovery.

True Strength Moment: Healthy recreational hikers of average fitness can easily recover from a 2-day cardio event like this, although it might take more than the standard 18 hours to complete the process. Give it a try. The fresh air and sunshine will provide a welcome break from the gym.
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