Lose Fat & Maintain Muscle

Lose Fat & Maintain Muscle Losing weight is one thing. Losing fat is another. Although most dieters don't realize it, some diets can put you on track to lose nearly as muscle muscle as body fat. Research from Oregon State University provides guidelines to athletes and active adults trying to maintain weight without sacrificing muscle mass.

Calorie counting and fad diets probably aren't going to get the job done, since your body needs nutrients to participate in and recover from training. Study authors suggest a low energy dense diet with as much as 30% of total calories coming from protein, lots of dietary fiber and plenty of water. Fat and sugar should be minimized, and half of every plate should be dedicated to fruits and vegetables.

True Strength Moment: It appears that the calories from this diet break down as roughly 30% protein, 55% carbohydrates and 15% fat. That's a sensible target provided the proteins come from lean meats and fish, and the carbs are focused on whole grains along with fresh fruits and veggies. One of the hazards of avoiding carbohydrates is outlined in today's Performance Blog at ABBperformance.com
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