Calories Add Up Fast Eating Out

Calories Add Up Fast Eating Out Now that fast-food restaurants have started providing nutritional details for menu items, there's no guessing on the calorie counts. But this information isn't always available at small-chain and independent restaurants, which make up about half of all U.S. dining establishments. A study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine offers a hint of what you can expect when ordering off their menus.

Researchers calculated the calories of the 42 most frequently purchased meals for 9 of the most popular dining categories. A total of 157 meals were analyzed, and the mean average number of calories per meal was 1,327, which is about 66% of what adults should be consuming in any 24-hour period. Almost 8% of these meals provided more than 100% of the 2,000 calorie daily allotment.

True Strength Moment: When in doubt, don't eat out. If you're watching what you eat and trying to stay in shape, your best alternative is making meals in the comfort of your own kitchen. To see how sodium content has been trending in packaged foods and restaurant meals, read today's Performance Blog at
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