Vitamins Boost Energy & Mood

Vitamins Boost Energy & Mood You probably take a high-potency multivitamin to cover any nutritional gaps that might occur in your daily diet. Even if you're eating your fruits and veggies, it can be difficult to cover all the bases every day especially since the nutrient needs of hard-training goal chasers outweigh those of less active people. A University of Calgary study suggests you might be getting a pleasant bonus.

An analysis of food journals maintained by 97 adults with mood disorders showed a correlation between enhanced mental functioning and vitamin/mineral intake. Researchers speculate that even healthy adults might get a boost of mental energy from vitamins and minerals to help them manage stress, fight fatigue and enhance their overall mood.

True Strength Moment: For most adults, energy levels peak mid-morning, hit a low-point after lunch and then slowly recover by quitting time. Sometimes this can be attributed to overeating the mid-day meal, but you might try using your high-potency multivitamin at lunchtime to see if it helps level out those dips in energy.
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