Protein Synthesis With Citrulline

Protein Synthesis With Citrulline The Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) Leucine is usually everyone's first choice for stimulating protein synthesis, a process that plays a crucial role in muscle rebuilding from the breakdown that occurs during intense exercise. A study published in the journal Amino Acids suggests Citrulline might also weigh in heavily on your efforts to build muscle size and strength especially while dieting.

Researchers put 60 female lab rats on a restricted calorie diet for two weeks. Some received a 1-gram combination of Leucine and Citrulline per kg of body weight while others had their diet supplemented with 1 gram of either Leucine or Citrulline per kg of body weight. Only the rats receiving Citrulline alone realized muscle mass and strength support during the dieting phase.

True Strength Moment: On most diets, you'll lose almost as much muscle mass as fat. The rate of protein synthesis also tends to drop off when you're cutting calories. If your body works anything like these rodents, supplementing with L-Citrulline might help keep your muscle size and strength goals on track during a cutting phase. Four grams per day is a pretty good target to shoot for.
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