Load Up At Breakfast To Lose

Load Up At Breakfast To Lose If you've cut your daily caloric consumption down to 1,400 calories in an effort to lose weight, what's the optimal way to divide them up for best results? A study from Tel Aviv University published in the journal Obesity suggests tilting the majority of those calories toward breakfast.

For 12 weeks, 93 obese women adhered to a 1,400 calorie per day diet. Some sat down to a 700-calorie breakfast with 500 calories for lunch and just 200 calories at dinner. The rest flipped this distribution model by consuming 200 calories at breakfast, the same 500-calorie lunch followed by a 700-calorie dinner. Consuming the bulk of calories at the day's first meal helped subjects lose an average of 17.8 pounds compared to 7.3 pounds in the big dinner group. Similar differences (3 inches versus 1.4 inches) were seen in waistline reduction.

True Strength Moment: Losing weight isn't a matter of just cutting calories or favoring proteins over carbohydrates. This study shows that meal timing could be as important to dieting as protein timing is for muscle building.
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Dec 16, 2013
If you do eat at night, should it be low in fat and caeorils like fruit or vegi's? As you know, I work 2 nights a week .is it okay to eat my dinner at night?? Ive been trying to avoid it and eating light stuff when I come home if I'm not able to take my dinner to work and eat at a reasonable time!