Whole Grains Make Most Of Protein

Whole Grains Make Most Of Protein You're savvy enough to know that a rapidly digesting protein like whey is best suited to first thing in the morning, pre- and/or post-workout use, while much slower digesting casein protein is better between meals and before bed. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition suggests whole gain consumption slows the breakdown of both types.

Researchers had 17 volunteers consume 150 grams of either whole or refined grains a day for 2 weeks. After a 5-week washout period, they switched grains for another 2-week period. Protein breakdown was reduced during the first week of whole grain consumption and fat oxidation was increased for the entire period subjects consumed whole grains.

True Strength Moment: Not only do whole grains provide a range of micronutrients in the form of vitamins and essential minerals, but they might support weight room goals by helping your body make the most of a high-protein diet.
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