What Losers Have To Gain

What Losers Have To Gain If you're as enthusiastic about following your favorite pro team as you are about attaining physique goals, a study published in the journal Psychological Science offers interesting insight into fan eating habits. Whether your team wins or loses on Sunday can impact Monday's saturated fat intake by as much as 25%.

Analyzing the eating habits of subjects in more than 25 cities through two NFL seasons, researchers came to the conclusion that a losing effort by the home team results in a 16% increase in saturated fat consumption when compared to normal Monday eating habits. This spike was worst when the game came down to the wire or circumstances produced an unexpected loss. When the home team was victorious, subjects made meal choices that amounted to a 9% reduction in saturated fats.

True Strength Moment: Even if you aren't a football fan, a loss by the local team can still impact your eating habits according to this study. But there is a technique you can apply to completely eliminate the effect. Writing down goals, a process known as self-affirmation, nullifies the impact of pro sports on your diet. It's also a proven technique for achieving those goals.
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