Raising Fruit & Veggie Eaters

Want your children to grow up eating fruits and vegetables? Recent research published in the December issue of Pediatrics suggests that a good start is eating a variety of fruits and vegetables while pregnant. Continuing to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables while breast feeding can also help.

The study tested 45 infants 4 to 8 months old who had little exposure to solid foods other than cereals. Half were fed green beans every day for 8 days. The other half had green beans and peaches. After the 8-day trial, none of the babies made faces or tried to refuse the beans or the peaches, although many started off behaving that way. Also, the babies with mothers who ate a wider variety of foods while pregnant and breast feeding were quicker to accept new foods.

The Bigger Picture: Introducing children to a wider variety of food early and often will make them more accepting of different types of food later in life. If they don't like something at first, have them try it a few days later. As they become used to experiencing new flavors and taste sensations, they will learn to eat a broader selection of food. That's the path to a nutritious eating program for life.
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