Team Sports Injury Predictors

Team Sports Injury Predictors No one wants to ride the bench with their arm in a sling. What can you do to increase your odds of staying healthy and productive this season? A study published in the journal BMC Sports Science, Medicine & Rehabilitation suggests likelihood of injury depends largely on your gender, your sport and how many push-ups you can do.

Researchers followed male and female basketball, volleyball and ice hockey players through an entire season. During the period, 76% reported at least one injury. Female athletes were more likely to get injured sooner in the season for all sports, and volleyball players had the shortest time to injury of the sports studied. In terms of field testing, push ups were the best indicator of time to injury.

True Strength Moment: Although your gender and sport are the biggest factors in injury risk, keeping yourself in top condition is one way all athletes can increase their odds of staying healthy. Your pre-season training obviously shouldn't be focused on push ups, but don't neglect this classic exercise either.
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