Run The Final Leg Faster

Run The Final Leg Faster Triathlons start out in the water, transition to cycling and finish with a footrace. If you've got the first two legs of this event mastered, a study published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance has a tip to help you get the running phase off to the best possible start.

After determining their peak oxygen uptake and maximal aerobic power, researchers had 12 experienced male triathletes take two hour-long rides followed by a 3.4 km run. First, they cycled at variable power (40% to 140% of max) which simulated race conditions. The next ride was performed at a constant 65% of maximal power. Subjects finished the run 42 seconds faster after continuous cycling.

True Strength Moment: Because most of this 42 second advantage was made up during the first half of the run, it could be that continuous power cycling eases the transition from taking your feet off pedals and putting them on the street.
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