Warming Up For The Second Half

Warming Up For The Second Half Most successful team sports athletes have a well-planned warm up that they go through before every game. But how do you prepare for the next period of play? A study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine examined the effects of a couple high-intensity re-warm up protocols.

After engaging in 26 minutes of simulated soccer with 15-minutes of passive recovery, study subjects re-warmed up with leg presses using their 5 rep max (5RM) as resistance or a 3-minute small sides game. Leg presses produced greater flight and contraction time, maximum rate of force development and repeat sprint ability during the second 26-minute period.

True Strength Moment: While the small sides game warm up did improve ball handling skills, 5RM leg presses produced an effect known as postactivation potentiation which can enhance physical performance for up to 12 minutes. If a leg press machine isn't available, you can improvise with body weight squat jumps.
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