The Breakdown Before The Buildup

Soreness. You feel it...especially when you're just beginning a resistance training program or coming back from a layoff. This fact was supported by a recent study of untrained men that appeared in the journal Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise. Researchers concluded that a single session of weight lifting induces oxidative muscle damage despite an adaptive response by the body that elevates antioxidant capacity, specifically vitamins C and E.

Bodybuilders and strength athletes recognize this oxidative damage as the catabolic (muscle breakdown) process triggered by resistance training. The effort actually damages muscles with micro trauma that is repaired and built upon during the recovery period. This is the anabolic process that stimulates new muscle growth.

The Bigger Picture: To realize the full potential of resistance training, you want to minimize the catabolism while maximizing the anabolism that follows. Several studies have shown that feeding your muscles a precise ratio of proteins and carbohydrates immediately after a workout can reduce pain while effectively managing muscle breakdown and supporting the rebuilding processes. ON's new 2:1:1 Recovery is formulated specifically for this purpose.
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Mar 31, 2012
justEat healthy: eat 3 whole meals a day. For your meals, you want semothing healthy and that fills you up so that you don't get hungry again for a long time. You need to also make healthy choices like eating whole wheat bread or whole grain bread instead of white bread and brown rice instead of white rice. Cut all junk food. They are bad for you and cause weight gain fast. Cut fast food as well! If you get hungry in between your 3 meals, eat a piece of fruit/vegetable, low-fat yogurt, skim milk, or fruit juice. THey are all good and healthy and will burn fat. As well as eating healthy, combine with exercise and you will lose the weight healthfully and easily. Diets don't work in the long run. When you consume too little, or deprive yourself of certain foods, you are also not getting the essential nutrients. That's why everyone gain the weight back and more in diets. Diet's are a plan for fail. INstead, just focus on eating healthy. You will feel better, look better, and perform better. Opt for a healthy lifestyle, not a fad diet. that's how you lose weight and keep it off for good. For the exercise, don't overdo yourself. Just walking, jogging for 1 hour each day will be more than enough. Rememeber to rest for 1 day of the week. Also, if 1 hour is too long for you, you can BREAK IT DOWN thorughout the day. Nobody said you have to get it all done in one shot, just do some after you wake up, some in the afternoon myabe, and sometime before or after dinner. It's more managaeable that way. Walking, jogging, running or swimming are aerobic/cardio exercises and they burn the most calories and fat. They will make you strengthen or build your muscle and keep you burning more calories and healthy and exercise is the golden rule of losing weight. Good luck hun