Stretching Bench Press Potential

Stretching Bench Press Potential For a while now, strength athletes have been warned that old school pressure against the joint stretching can negatively affect your performance. But what's the impact on a typical weight room workout? A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research puts this gym myth to the test using everybody's favorite exercise.

Fifteen men in their mid-20s performed four sets to failure on the bench press using 80% of one rep max. For one attempt, they stretched out pectoral and triceps muscles, and 48 hours later repeated the workout without stretching. There were no differences in total reps.

True Strength Moment: Although reps to failure didn't appear to suffer with static stretching, some studies suggest a loss of power. Considering that we're all a little different, what works for one person might not do anything for another. Experiment with static and dynamic stretching techniques to see which helps or holds you back from hitting a new personal best.
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