See Yourself Succeeding

How do you prepare for a workout? As with anything, a certain component of your training is mental even though exercise is for the most part a physical endeavor. To give you an idea of what Division I and II college athletes are thinking, recent research conducted at the University of North Dakota found that appearance imagery (students imagining how they'll look after weight training) was most often and most effectively employed followed by technique visualization, which focused the athlete on maintaining proper exercise form.

The Bigger Picture: Depending on your goals at the gym, and the physique you want to attain and maintain, picturing yourself as that ideal can serve as very positive motivation throughout your workout. For the more advanced strength athlete or bodybuilder, concentrating on maintaining textbook form also has merit. Although the fewest number of study participants relied on the strategy, energy imagery offers benefits as a personal psyche-up tool. Basically, it gets down to whatever keeps you going strong.
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