Best Team Sports Agility Program

Best Team Sports Agility Program On field sprinting speed versus the ability to quickly change direction. Which is more important to your game? The answer might help you decide on the optimal speed and agility training program as outlined in a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Sixteen male and four female college team sports athletes were assessed in a variety of performance measurements before engaging in six weeks of traditional speed and agility training or a program that focused on deceleration. Repeat testing revealed that the traditional program was superior for increasing sprinting speed and improved most measures of power. The deceleration program helped athletes develop greater strength and power, but didn't improve speed.

True Strength Moment: If lower body strength, power and agility are the keys to success in your sport, the protocol used here involved decelerating to a stop at a specified distance for each speed and agility drill. This rapid stopping action serves as the 'load' for building muscle strength.
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