Your Best Abdominal Exercise

Your Best Abdominal Exercise Sit ups, crunches, hanging leg raises. There are any number of different exercises you can perform to develop abdominal muscles and strengthen your core. If you think about it, you can add to what's already an impressive list by practicing the many variations of those exercises.

A recent study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise can help you narrow down the options. Analyzing muscle activation on 13 of the most popular abdominal exercises, researchers settled on the ab bicycle as the best for core strengthening.

True Strength Moment: As with any 'best' exercise, there's the temptation to ignore all other options and focus on that one at the top of everyone's list for building up the muscle group in question. That would be a mistake. Mix up your ab training the same way you change things up in the weight room, and be sure to allow adequate time for recovery and rebuilding.
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