Heavy Lifting Burns Female Fat

Heavy Lifting Burns Female Fat It's pretty common to hear active females say they don't lift heavy because they want to avoid building up bulky male-looking muscles. That's not likely to happen, due to differences in physiology, and a compilation of research published online by SHAPE magazine offers some surprising potential benefits to women who lift heavier weights.

Cardio is by far the most popular fat burning endeavor, but heavy lifting twice a week can help you reduce body fat by around 3%, even without cutting caloric intake. A set of heavy resistance was defined as 8 reps at 75% to 85% of your one rep max (the most weight you can lift for one repetition).

Although you'll burn more calories during an hour of cardio conditioning than you would weight training for the same amount of time, you'd burn 100 additional calories in the 24 hours following that hour-long resistance training session. Here's another point to consider: While it's true that fat burning can't be targeted to one area of the body, weight lifting women tend to burn more intra-abdominal fat than active females who just run the treadmill.

True Strength Moment: There are many benefits to weight training, especially when it's combined with regular cardiovascular exercise. Break up the monotony of your time at the gym by switching between weight training and endurance exercise every other day.
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