Diet Tips You Should Ignore

Diet Tips You Should Ignore As any online search will show you, there's no shortage of diet advice out there. Some is solid and backed by science, but a lot of tips lack a solid foundation in fact. Consider these popular weight loss strategies compiled by the editors of Prevention magazine.

Never Eating [fill in the blank]. While dieters are going to want to avoid sugary, fat-filled choices like pizza, cheesecake and chocolate, occasionally indulging in forbidden treats can actually help get you through cravings. The trick is to limit how much and how often you cheat with these foods.

Drastically Reducing Calories. When you cut an extreme amount of calories out of your daily diet, your metabolism slows down which makes weight loss that much more difficult to achieve. Reducing your typical daily consumption by 500 calories is generally a good target amount for losing around a pound per week.

Cutting All Carbs. While there is sugar in fruit, it's not the refined type found in sweetened beverages and processed foods. The sugar in fruit remains in its natural state, and brings with it fiber, vitamins and minerals. If you're cutting carbs, pass on white bread, white rice and white potatoes, but keep eating colorful fruits and vegetables.

True Strength Moment: Taking extreme measures with weight loss or anything else is unlikely to produce lasting results. Just as progressive resistance is a proven path to achieving muscle gains, making sensible everyday choices about diet and exercise is a sensible approach to body transformation.
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