Good Old Reliable Whey

The wasting of skeletal muscle in elderly people is believed to be a contributing factor in a number of serious age-related health problems. New research published in the January edition of Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care suggests that there is a very desirable alternative available to just about everyone.

Elderly men and women, like their younger counterparts, still have the ability to respond to the benefits of resistance training and the anabolic signals enhanced by protein ingestion. This was found to be true so long as leucine and other amino acids were present in the system. Because whey proteins are such a rich source of essential amino acids, and can rapidly elevate plasma amino acid levels, supplementing with whey protein augmented the positive effects of resistance training especially when it was taken around the time of exercise.

The Bigger Picture: This research appears to confirm the results of many other studies, all of which point to whey protein's value as a pre- and post-workout supplement. Whether you're interested in starting a regular workout routine or want to get back to the gym for the first time in years, ask a medical professional to recommend a good starting point and short-term goals. Exercise can be very beneficial as long as you don't over-do it.
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