Iron Depletion Hurts Performance

Iron Depletion Hurts Performance Physical effort can tax your body's reserves of the mineral iron, and if you remain deficient for a period of time, athletic performance may be impaired. A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shows iron depletion's effect on college aged female rowers.

Before 6 weeks of training for the competitive season began, these rowers were put on a supplementation regimen consisting of 100 mg of ferrous sulfate per day or a placebo. Although all subjects gained muscle mass and increased their capacity for exercise, rowers who used an iron supplement showed a reduced lactate response to the first half of races and after 5 minutes of recovery. They also realized greater improvements in energy expenditure and efficiency compared to the placebo group.

True Strength Moment: The fact that supplemented subjects had greater body stores of iron shouldn't be surprising, but the differences in performance and the body's response to exercise might be. Cover any gaps in your dialed in diet with a high-potency multivitamin so micronutrient deficiencies don't get in the way of a personal best.
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