Alternate Day Fasting Diet

Alternate Day Fasting Diet Here's a diet strategy you only have to think about three or four days a week. Alternate day fasting involves restricting your typical daily caloric content by 75% every other day. So on Monday, you'd consume the normal amount of food, and on Tuesday you'd only get 25% of the calories from the day before. Then on Wednesday, it all goes back to normal again.

This strategy worked for obese adults, so researchers wanted to test the effects on overweight and normal weight adults. Thirty-two volunteers stuck with this program for 12 weeks. Compared to a non-dieting control group, they lost an average of 12 pounds of which nearly 8 pounds was fat mass. This study was published in the Nutrition Journal.

True Strength Moment: Losing around a pound per week is a health target recommended by many professionals, and this simple-to-follow program helped overweight and normal weight adults achieve that goal. Of course, we're all a little different physiologically speaking, so if this doesn't help you achieve your ideal weight, consider the conclusions from another study outlined on today's Performance Blog.
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