Cardio On Land Vs. In Water

Cardio On Land Vs. In Water Which do you think would be the more demanding workout: treadmill running or water aerobics? A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research put the most popular dry land running machine up against stationary running, cross country skiing and frontal kicks performed in the pool.

Twenty female subjects in their mid-20s volunteered to exercise both in the water and on dry land. Heart rate was highest for regular old treadmill running, and even maximum effort intensity produced higher levels of oxygen consumption on the treadmill than any of the water-based exercises.

True Strength Moment: You'd think that the resistance of exercising in water would produce a different effect, and it turns out that's true. Although training in the pool might not get your heart rate up as high as land-based effort, the reduced impact on joints makes water aerobics worth trying. If only as a way to change up a stale cardio day routine.
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