Get Your Head In The Game

Get Your Head In The Game Anyone who's played team sports is familiar with the mind-muscle connection. When everything's clicking, you play at the top of your game. But what happens to physical performance when you're mentally fatigued? To find out, researchers had ten male subjects exercise before and after easy and difficult mental tasks. Their findings were published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

Before and after undergoing 90 minutes of metal tasks, subjects performed maximal knee extensions to exhaustion. On one occasion, the mental tasks were simple. On the next, they were challenging to the point of inducing mental fatigue. Although subjects rated the physical work more difficult when mentally fatigued, there weren't any differences in muscle activation rates or endurance compared to the test undertaken after easy mental effort.

True Strength Moment: While you might not feel like hitting the gym after a rough day at the office or following a demanding test at school, the brain drain isn't likely to take anything away from your efforts under stacks of plates. In fact, it might help you put the metal challenges behind you.
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