Training Volume Tips For Newbies

Training Volume Tips For Newbies People who are new to weight training are likely to realize noticeable gains fairly early on in their progress. Obviously, different levels of training volume will produce different results, and a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports examines the effects of several different training routines.

One group of newbies performed three sets of lower body exercises, but only one set for upper body muscle groups. Another group did one set for the lower body and three sets for upper body muscles. After 11 weeks of training 80 to 90 minutes per session three times a week, both groups achieved similar strength gains in the shoulder press, but three sets of lifts produced greater improvements for knee extensions.

True Strength Moment: The number of muscle satellite cells generated through training adaptation was increased with greater volume for lower body muscle groups, but not in upper body muscles. These findings might be useful to active adults who are just mapping out a weight lifting routine. Remember that everyone responds a little differently to training.
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