GLYCOMAIZE Waxy Maize Matrix

After a taxing workout, when muscle glycogen stores have been exhausted, you want a quality carbohydrate for refueling. ON's New GLYCOMAIZE carbohydrate matrix combines rapidly-absorbing Waxy Maize Starch with slower-digesting Trehalose to provide both immediate and intermediate energy. Carbogen digestive enzymes complete the picture by enhancing utilization.

The Bigger Picture: Quality proteins are ideal for muscle rebuilding, but to refuel muscle glycogen your body needs carbohydrates. Waxy Maize Starches are exceptionally dense long-chain complex carbs. They digest rapidly, and can be consumed often and in large amounts without bloating or cramping. Because we wanted GLYCOMAIZE to do even more for you in the gym, we added Trehalose to provide lasting stamina that takes away the sugar "crash." This instantized powder mixes easily with a spoon and is unflavored, so it works as an ideal stack with virtually any pre-, during, and post-workout shake and drink.
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