Exercise Benefits Any Age

Everyone knows exercise is good for you, but there's a common misconception that there's also an age where you become 'too old' for the physical effort. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests science does not support that commonly held gym myth.

Analyzing data from 3,500 people between 2002 and 2011, researchers found that not only does exercise make you seven times more likely to age in a healthy way, but it's never too late to dedicate yourself to an active lifestyle. Subjects had an average age of 64 when the study began, and during the study 10% of participants became more active. At the end of 8 years, 70% of subjects were active.

True Strength Moment: The scientists who conducted this study found a direct link between healthy aging and exercise. If working out improves the lives of people over the age of 60 imagine what dedicated training can do for you much earlier in life.
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