Calories Vs. Eating Frequency

Calories Vs. Eating Frequency Many people assume that dieting is a simple as cutting calories. More experienced dieters who live a more active lifestyle realize that all calories are not created equal. Complex carbs are nutritionally superior to simple carbs and increasing dietary protein can help spare muscle tissue during weight loss.

New research published in the journal Physiology & Behavior suggests that weight loss plans should take eating frequency into consideration. While the quantity and quality of food is obviously important, how often you eat can also have an impact on successful diet efforts. The study offered no timetable for meals, but points out that your body's thermogenic and hormonal response to frequent grazing might impact weight loss efforts.

True Strength Moment: If consuming a number of small meals spread evenly throughout the day is working for you, there's no reason to map out a new diet strategy. But if this system isn't getting the job done, try reducing the number of eating occasions during your cutting phase. See today's Performance Blog for another diet tip.
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