Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Best Exercise For Weight Loss Looking to drop a few pounds after the holiday season has ended? An article published in Runner's World magazine makes a strong argument for including running as a key element of your 2014 training program.

According to the authors, calories burned from running result in 90% greater weight loss compared to walking. This is partly due to the 'after burn' effect of high intensity exercise. Your resting energy expenditure remains elevated for quite a while after a run. It also takes less time to complete a workout since the average person can cover twice to three times the distance running compared to walking.

True Strength Moment: Even with all running has to offer, you're more likely to achieve weight loss and performance goals if you incorporate resistance training as part of your routine. Because you can lose almost as much muscle mass as body fat on most diets, consuming more protein and training with weights can help tip the balance in your favor.
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