Find Happiness On The Slopes

Find Happiness On The Slopes Many studies have found that exercise helps promote positive thinking and can be beneficial for managing stress. Other research has focused on how time spent in the great outdoors might produce similar feel-good benefits. A study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life brings it all together by suggesting skiing has excellent potential to improve your frame of mind.

Scientists surveyed 279 vacationers at 3 major ski resorts in South Korea: 126 skiers, 112 snowboarders and 41 who participated in both. They found that just one trip to the slopes had a positive impact on mood, and even casual participants realized benefits.

True Strength Moment: For the record, skiers registered a higher level of satisfaction and involvement compared to snowboarders. The average stay was 4.5 days and 90% of study subjects visited the slopes less than 5 times per season. It appears that navigating down a snow-covered mountainside might be the ideal alignment of exercise and outdoor activity.
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